About Us

Who is Sam?


I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and grew up in my family’s Thai restaurant business. My mother ran everything in the kitchen. When I was a young man my mother would wake me up at 5:00 am every morning to help her prepare food and almost everything else that needs to be done in the kitchen. My mother would make everything from scratch and this was very important to her. She would make her own sauces, curry pastes and many things with only the most natural ingredients.


When I graduated from college I work for Royal Thai Navy and United Nation High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR). At UNHCR I had a chance to make a connection and came to work in the United State of America.


I came to U S A in mid of 1985 and work in communications and electronics field through 2001. Later that year my company had limited amount of work and want me to relocate, which I did not like. I decided to leave the company. About 3 weeks later my Thai friend who owned this restaurant called and ask me to help him.  He wanted me to buy the WildGinger because he could no longer manage the restaurant


This was a turning point in my life, do or don’t I… Do I even want to? It took about two weeks to finally make a decision. I felt I should put to use all of the wonderful knowledge my mother passed down to me and make something new and wonderful happen. So I bought it and that is how I started this restaurant?


I keep the strong values that my mother passed down to me. I make the same sauces and most spices from scratch with only the best ingredients to ensure quality. Every dish is freshly prepared and nothing precooked. This helps eliminate most items from wholesales. I know making food this way creates more work for us but we are happy to do this because we know what is in our food, we want only the best natural ingredients in our food.


I would like to thank all of my customers and my mother for making this business a success